About Us


Easy Computer Services Company was founded in 1991 and started Its activities with the License of the High Council of Informatics by launching computer networks, and it is one of the most active company in Information technology field from 1994 so far.

The company with receiving official distributor of D-Link company while providing all network equipment with three-year warranty could perform a great role with  having experienced experts in the fields of providing technical information, design, consultation, installation and the launch of the companies, organizations and large factories.


Easy company got the exclusive distribution of MOXA Company to meet the needs of communication industry and making one way for the innovations offer and reliable products.

The company motto, EASY ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY and the basic belief is that provide best quality products and excellent service to customers.

This belief caused that Easy Company grow well and known as the best and most active distributor in the Middle East and North Africa.


The company owes its success in providing the best service with very reasonable prices of products.

Easy Company, with a long history in the field of computer networks and using the experimenter experts in the field of IT and ICT have the ability to operate in various fields such as design, consulting, network implementation and presentation of specialized network hardware.

Easy Company has the following sections:

    * Marketing and Sales
    * Industrial automation
    * Project
    * Repair and maintenance (RMA)
    * Support
    * Research and Development
    * Public relations and advertising

To be more familiar with the internal structure of Easy Company introduces the various tasks and ability stick briefly in the following:

Marketing and sales section: this section as the leading unit is responsible for communicating with customers. Most important functions of the Easy Company Marketing and sales sector is finding new markets for professional hardware and software products and also introduction of capabilities and design facilities, technical installation and operation of  projects. Marketing and sales sector has the ability to provide desired solutions and technical advice to customers with the honest and faithful counselors.

This sector includes the following units:
- Tehran Sale
- Mega cities and distribution centers sale

- cities sale
- SI sale
- ADSL sale

One of the success factors of Easy Company, coordination, direct and continuous relationship between all parts of the company with this sector, which fortunately cause to accelerate of projects and customer satisfaction ultimately.

Industrial automation section: This sector has been the executor of various projects and solutions provider benefit from the knowledge of experts in the technical beside technical sector in the field of industrial automation systems, some were selected as follow:

Network design and implementation of industrial tools (using technology of MOXA)
Industrial automation systems and production control
Design and implementation of control systems

 Project Section: Easy Company Project team has experienced and qualified experts specializing in consulting, design and implementation of computer networks.
Familiar with the capabilities of the project, the main topics are listed:

- Design, consultation, supervision and implementation of computer networks (WAN, MAN, Campus LAN, LAN)
- Feasibility and Evaluation of Needs and then presentation of  comprehensive solutions (Total Solution)
- TRANSMISSION of data in Network by a variety of media such as copper cables, fiber optic, wireless, satellite, telecommunication lines, leased lines and ...
- Design and networking based on wireless technology (Wireless) to various forms of Point to Point,
Point to Multi Point  including Active and Passive products such as telecommunication towers
- Designing and building a network based on satellite technology (symmetric, asymmetric) forms like Mesh, Point to Point
- Audio and video communication systems over Internet Protocol
- Design and implementation of video conferencing systems
- Traffic control systems

The RMA section: This section is the most equipped repair facilities in the IT sector and also the only RMA Center of D-link and Moxa in the Middle East. This section using the trained personnel and experienced has managed to become an active center in the country.  This section has the background of Repairing 3Com, Foundry, Cisco, and …. Currently it has the ability to repair digital boards replacement of Chip like PLCC, SMD, DIP and now focused on producing the BGA equipments.

Support section: One of the main tasks of this section, technical support of projects and products provided by Easy Company. The need for network support and take advantage of specialized services, is the most important issues after the installation and network systems, which in this case Easy company provide services to employers besides the Existing facilities to provide comprehensive support services to other applicants in the form of contract.

The following is a summary of titles to support the comprehensive plan:

- contracting maintenance and support of wireless networks with annual basis, Expert on-site case and …

  • Providing services and maintenance and periodic visits
  •  Technical advice
  •  Specialized training of users

    R & D section: In this section, all efforts of active staff is Research Advancement and studying new information technologies and publishing company specialized content in order to enhance the knowledge of all the internal staff. The articles presented in the press, professional gathering, and seminars to promote public awareness, is another important duties of research and development sector.